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This question continues to concern millions of students all over the world. In fact, knowing if it matters or not where you go to college is one of the most important factors that influence your decision. Generally speaking, if you ask your friends, relatives, or acquaintances, they have different perceptions regarding this topic. Some say that this issue matters, and others that it doesn’t. But what is the real answer?

Experts worldwide claim that where you go to college matters, and it has a significant impact on your entire life. Let’s see how this decision can influence your future.

A top school means a higher graduation rate

If you consider that all institutions are the same, you are wrong. Top schools have higher graduation rates, which means that if you attend such a college, you also have more chances to graduate, compared to going to another school.

Besides the fact that they are more selective, which means that they attract students with the necessary motivation, another aspect is that these schools offer their students more support and guidance. Also, these institutions usually benefit from financial assistance for a wide variety of programs.

You can make more money if you graduate from an elite school

According to numerous studies, where you go for college counts for your future financial success. Graduates of top institutions are known to make more money. Therefore, a higher college investment is worth it, because a degree from an elite university will provide the best return on it.

This statement is supported by Forbes as well, as more than 85% of most powerful men and more than 55% women in the world attended elite schools.

Also, the data revealed by the National Center for Education Statistics shows that someone’s choice of school is a determining factor when it comes to his/her earnings. Of course, there are some areas where this is more evident, such as medicine or business.

The clubs and programs a college provides can open doors

Another aspect you should consider is that an elite school will allow you to choose from a broad range of organizations and programs. All these count a lot when it comes to getting hired or gaining valuable abilities. For instance, if you can travel abroad with a program offered by your college, you have numerous possibilities, such as discovering new cultures, traditions, meeting new people, improving your social skills, etc. Also, if you have the chance to study abroad for a year, this will count a lot for your resume.

Moreover, volunteering and other projects you can join can convince a potential employer that you like to work and get involved. Not to mention that if you volunteer in a particular place while in college, your chances to get hired there are much higher. Participating in all kind of activities allows you to meet potential employers or people that may recommend you for a job after you finish college.

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